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Our native language is our priceless treasure!

Language is a great blessing, if every nation respects, values ​​and dedicates its life to its development, this language will remain beautiful, unique and great!  Every nation strives to preserve, develop and fully reveal its language, which is dear and sacred, since it expresses the history, national values ​​and culture of the people. The assignment of the status of state language to the Uzbek language on October 21, 1989, undoubtedly became a great historical event in the life of our people and the first stone laid by Uzbekistan on the path to independence. 


It is worth noting the magnificent statements of our enlightened thinker Alihontor Soguni: “When the native language of a nation is unable to satisfy its needs and bows down to other foreign languages, undoubtedly, a crisis will be written in the book of life of such a nation, separated from human feelings.  Such nations will be forced to disappear not only from their homeland, but from the face of history with their entire existence.”


It is the sacred duty of each of us to preserve our language, which is the pride of the nation, and to ensure its survival. The staff of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Service of the Namangan Region also pay special attention to issues of compliance with language standards. Recently, the service held a spiritual event dedicated to the state language.


Prepared by: Head of the SEMS of the Namangan region D.S. Tashpulatov

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