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Permission for purchase and installation of REM

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Dear visitor! This application is intended only for preliminary review by the production departments of CEMC and is not a sufficient condition for consideration and issuance of a permit. To obtain permission, the application must be submitted in person, either sent through the website, or sent by mail with a seal and signature along with all the documents presented below,


To send an application, you need to visit the site structure page, where you can get acquainted with the specifics of the work of the CEMS production departments and determine the class of your radio frequency device for a more correct application.


List of documents for obtaining construction permits or for the purchase and installation of REM and HFD:

  • Full technical description of the equipment in the state or russian languages;
  • A copy of the order on the appointment of a person responsible for the registration and operation of the RES, if the applicant is a legal entity;

  • The project of RES placement on a copy from the topographic map of the area M 1: 200000;

  • Coordination of the owners of objects and structures where the distribution zone is supposed to be located, if he (the customer) himself is not the owner of these objects and structures.

  • The decision of the RSRF on the possibility of using this type of REM or HFD on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;


Required documents

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