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Permission for REM exploitation

Schedule of Services

filled form for REM in 3 copies (for CATV network – in two copies);

sanitary passport for basic and fixed REM, which was given by bode of sanitary-hygienic control;

project - budget documentation on construction (installation) of basic (stationary) REM that is confirmed and agreed in determinate order for registration of basiz cellular communication stations, RRL, and systems of data transmission, radio broadcasting (RB), television (TV) of CATV network transmitters, terrestrial stations of a satellite communication, etc.

expert's conclucion of project - budget documentation on construction (installation) of base (stationary) REM, executed by the organization having the License for the given type of activity;;

conformance certificate for equipment installation if the equipment is due to obligatory certification in the Republic of Uzbekistan in in compliance with the legislation;

contract for translation (retranslation) of TV and radiobroadcasting programs of not own's production.

Required documents

Project-budget documentation is not demanded at preparation of corresponding permissions to use REM of mobile and fixed radiotelephone communication with the capacity not more than 100 W of intraoffice wireless networks, and also REM of individual use and subscribers' stations of data transmission and radio access;


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