The register of permissive documents

    A guide to obtaining the right to own radio frequencies

State Unitary Enterprise "Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility"

You are a client of the State Unitary Enterprise Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility (here in after referred to as SUE CEMC), you and I have an interesting job to do to formalize the right to own radio frequencies.

We recommend that you review Regulation No. 801 (on our website) “ON REGULATION IN THE FIELD OF THE USE OF THE RADIO-FREQUENCY SPECTRUM AND THE USE OF RADIO-ELECTRONIC FACILITIES AND HIGH-FREQUENCY DEVICES”, which contains information that can help you. 

Your actions

Where to go


To obtain the necessary permission, legal entities and individuals submit to the regional subdivision of SUE CEMC at the place of the proposed installation of the REM, and for REM installed in the city of Tashkent and the Tashkent region - to SUE CEMC a letter - an application (you can take the application form directly from the employees of SUE CEMC, or on the website of SUE CEMC) for the assignment of radio frequencies with a justification of the need and detailed information on the purpose of the radio network being created, its area of ​​use, and features of the use of REM.

Documents are sent to CEMC directly, by post or in electronic form with a return receipt.

If the documents submitted to the CEMC or its territorial subdivisions are not drawn up correctly or are not presented in full, then they are returned to the applicant within one hour from the moment of their submission to eliminate the deficiencies.

Head office of SUE CEMC or regional divisions of SUE CEMC

The following materials are attached to the application letter:



full technical description of the equipment;

At the manufacturer (regional representatives of suppliers) of equipment (equipment passport)

Information about the Decision of the Council on the possibility of using the REM of this type on a certain radio frequency band on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan (number and date of adoption); Ministry of Digital Technologies

Ministry of Digital Technologies

a copy of the order on the appointment of a person responsible for the registration and operation of the REM;

IMPORTANT: At any stage of our cooperation with you, if you change the person responsible for the registration and operation of the REM, please send a copy of the order to appoint another responsible person to SUE CEMC. This is done to ensure that our cooperation is full.


Head of your organization


- plan-scheme, indicating the location of the REM on a copy of the topographic map of the area in 4 copies (you can take the project form directly from the employee of the State Unitary Enterprise CEMC with whom you work, or download from the CEMC website), indicating;

- REM accessories (ministry, department, organization, enterprise, private company, etc.);

- scale and drawing a coordinate grid;

- locations of REM (point name, geographical coordinates accurate to seconds, absolute mark of the earth, intradepartmental communication scheme);

- frequency plan (planned range or ratings of radio frequencies);

- radiation class;

- type of antennas, their number and height of suspension above the ground, maximum heights of antenna supports, radiation azimuths and other characteristics affecting EMC;

- the number, types and power of radio transmitting devices;

You can prepare this document yourself or contact a specialized organization that has a license 

coordination of the owners of objects and structures where the REM is supposed to be located, if the applicant himself is not the owner of these objects and structures;

To the owners of the facility where the REM is supposed to be located

for earth stations of satellite communications services - the technical parameters required for registration with the International Telecommunication Union


After submitting all the necessary materials to the State Unitary Enterprise CEMC, the terms for consideration of your application will be 20 working days, and for the REM of mobile operators it will be 10 working days:

The term for consideration of documents for the approval of sites (locations) for the placement of REM and the submission of conclusions by radio frequency authorities is no more than 18 days, and for mobile operators - 8 working days from the date of receipt of the documents sent.

If necessary, international coordination of terrestrial and satellite services - within 120 days.


To find out if your activity is subject to licensing, contact the licensing department at the Ministry.

If your activity is subject to licensing, then you will be issued a license, otherwise they will write a letter stating that your activity is not subject to compulsory licensing.

It should be noted that the frequencies for the organization of radio and television studios are distributed on a competitive basis. The conditions of competitions are regularly published in periodicals.

Licensing Department


You pay according to the invoice, and only after the receipt of funds at the account of SUE CEMS you are issued a Building Permit or for installation and purchase within 10 days.

Attention!!! This permit is valid for 1 year. If the period of validity of this permit is not issued a permit for the right to operate, then you will have to go through the procedure for obtaining a building permit again.



While you have not yet delivered the equipment, you can start developing and then reviewing the installation project for your equipment.

  To obtain an operating permit, the applicant submits to the relevant regional subdivision of SUE CEMS, and for RES installed in the city of Tashkent and the Tashkent region - to SUE CEMC, the following documents:

· a completed application form for RES in 2 copies and an act of the acceptance committee;

At the same time, it is allowed to issue permits for the operation of the following REM, without issuing an acceptance certificate:

a) for base stations of mobile (mobile) communications, for radio relay stations and AMS; for personal (individual) REM and subscriber stations for data transmission and radio connection systems; for broadband radio connection systems using Wi-Fi technologies; and also, for REM of mobile and fixed radiotelephone communications, with a power of at least 50 W;

b) for stationary REM located on the territory of diplomatic and consular missions.

· certificate of conformity for the installed equipment if this equipment is subject to mandatory certification in the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the law;

· contract for broadcasting (retransmission) of television and radio broadcasting programs not of own production.

Any design organization licensed by the Ministry of Digital Technologies


Upon arrival of your equipment on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, you provide to SUE CEMC:

To obtain an import permit, the applicant submits the following documents to the State Unitary Enterprise CEMC:

· an application for an import permit specifying the types and number of pieces of radio equipment;

· copies of commodity - transport documents (invoice, waybills, etc.);



If necessary, the applicant is issued a permit for the right to temporary operation of the REM:

a) during the period of international coordination - for a period of up to six months;

b) renewal of a license, extension of validity - for a period of up to three months.



After receiving the Act of the State Acceptance Commission, you provide the original to CEMC along with the letter. Within 10 days after payment you are issued a permit to operate (from one to three years).

Attention!!! Prior to obtaining a permit to operate, you will be asked to complete a customer satisfaction questionnaire (i.e. your satisfaction). All comments and suggestions in our direction will be considered and actions taken to improve.



10 days before the expiration of the operating permit, you send the original of this permit for the previous period with a request for re-registration and receive a new permit.


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